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The key is that at the start of every task, the correct model is automatically loaded. This ensures that even if a mistake was made or you dabbled , you can recover gracefully and continue with the tutorial.

For the Inventor release, we revamped the presentation and delivery of the guided tutorials and created a searchable gallery that displays both installed tutorials and any that are available in the ever-growing content on the cloud. To view the available tutorials, start Inventor, click the Get Started tab, and then click Tutorials. Note: We made a slight name change in – click the Get Started tab , and then click Tutorial Gallery. And as of the Inventor You can create your own tutorials from scratch or you can copy tutorials that Autodesk creates, and then edit them to fit your corporate standards and workflows.

Caution — If you share a tutorial public, it is immediately available to everyone after it finishes processing, so make sure you push the correct Share button.

The tutorials listed in the attached Excel file are available in the cloud gallery as of April New content is added frequently, so be sure to check Available Tutorials often! All Autodesk authored tutorials are translated into multiple languages, so be sure to set the language filter in the gallery.

Tip: Set the gallery display filter to Available Tutorials and then use a keyword search to find a tutorial that teaches you how to use a specific feature or command in a workflow.

For example, if you search for Fold , the search results tell you the workflow is covered in the Sheet Metal 2 tutorial.

In an assembly file: Right-click the name of the assembly in the browser and select Create Presentation from the context menu. The view is based on the last active Design View Representation. In the Insert dialog box, locate and select a model file to be inserted in the first Scene. To specify model representations, in the Select Assembly dialog box, click Options.

Select Associative to keep a link to the design view representation in the model file. If the design view representation is edited, the model in the presentation view updates with the edits.

Note: You can override the model settings in IPN scenes linked to design view representations. The overridden properties are then preserved in the IPN and ignore updates in the source model.

To Manually Insert a Model in a Scene When creating a presentation, you do not have to select the model immediately. In the QAT, click Presentation. Cancel the Open dialog box and save the file with the desired name. Return later, open the file and, in the ribbon click Presentation Model Insert Model. Specify the representation to use and the associativity state you prefer. Click OK. To Work with Design View Representations in a Scene When you create a scene, you select a design view representation to use, and set the Associative option.

To edit component visibility or opacity in a presentation scene associative with a design view representation, either break the associativity or override the property. In the message box, select: Break to cancel associativity between the scene and the source design view representation.



Learn Autodesk Inventor Basics by T. Kishore – Ebook | Scribd


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This is a continuation of my uploads of any Autodesk Inventor tutorial file that I Using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) – Free download as PDF File . The mechanical engineering industry examples that are used as tutorials and the related additional exercises at the end of each chapter help the users to. This section includes a number of tutorials to help you familiarize yourself with Inventor HSM. Along with each tutorial you will find a.