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Finally, by imposing an obligation on the Privacy Shield Ombudsperson to confirm compliance or remediation of any non-compliance, the mechanism reflects a commitment from the U. First, differently from a pure government-to-government mechanism, the Privacy Shield Ombudsperson will receive and respond to individual complaints.

This will sometimes involve national intelligence authorities, in particular where the request is to be interpreted as one for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act. In other cases, particularly when requests relate to the compatibility of surveillance with U. Inspector Generals with the responsibility and power to carry out a thorough investigation in particular through access to all relevant documents and the power to request information and statements and address non-compliance Where any non-compliance has been found by one of these oversight bodies, the Intelligence Community element e.

Also, as part of the cooperation, the Privacy Shield Ombudsperson will be informed of the outcome of the investigation, and the Ombudsperson will have the means to ensure that it receives all the information necessary to prepare its response.

Finally, the Privacy Shield Ombudsperson will be independent from, and thus free from instructions by, the U. Intelligence Community In order to be able to provide that independent confirmation, the Privacy Shield Ombudsperson will have to receive the necessary information regarding the investigation to assess the accuracy of the response to the complaint.

In addition, the Secretary of State has committed to ensure that the Under-Secretary will carry out the function as Privacy Shield Ombudsperson objectively and free from any improper influence liable to have an effect on the response to be provided. Overall, this mechanism ensures that individual complaints will be thoroughly investigated and resolved, and that at least in the field of surveillance this will involve independent oversight bodies with the necessary expertise and investigatory powers and an Ombudsperson that will be able to carry out its functions free from improper, in particular political, influence.

Moreover, individuals will be able to bring complaints without having to demonstrate, or just to provide indications, that they have been the object of surveillance In the light of these features, the Commission is satisfied that there are adequate and effective guarantees against abuse.

On the basis of all the above, the Commission concludes that the United States ensures effective legal protection against interferences by its intelligence authorities with the fundamental rights of the persons whose data are transferred from the Union to the United States under the EU-U.

The Commission’s assessment has confirmed that such legal remedies are provided for in the United States, including through the introduction of the Ombudsperson mechanism.

The Ombudsperson mechanism provides for independent oversight with investigatory powers. In the framework of the Commission’s continuous monitoring of the Privacy Shield, including through the annual joint review which shall also involve the Ombudsperson, the effectiveness of this mechanism will be reassessed. As regards interference with personal data transferred under the EU-U. Privacy Shield for law enforcement purposes, the U. According to this information, under the Fourth Amendment of the U.

More generally, the Fourth Amendment guarantees privacy, dignity, and protects against arbitrary and invasive acts by officers of the Government These concepts capture the idea of necessity and proportionality in Union law. Once law enforcement no longer has a need to use the seized items as evidence, they should be returned While the Fourth Amendment right does not extend to non-U.

Further protections are provided by special statutory authorities, as well as the Department of Justice Guidelines, which limit law enforcement access to data on grounds equivalent to necessity and proportionality e. According to the representations made by the U. Although a prior judicial authorisation by a court or grand jury an investigate arm of the court impanelled by a judge or magistrate is not required in all cases , administrative subpoenas are limited to specific cases and will be subject to independent judicial review at least where the government seeks enforcement in court The same applies for the use of administrative subpoenas for public interest purposes.

In addition, according to the representations from the U. Moreover, U. More specifically, Title II of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act sets forth a system of statutory privacy rights and as such governs law enforcement access to the contents of wire, oral or electronic communications stored by third-party service providers It criminalises the unlawful i. In addition, several other statutes afford individuals the right to bring suit against a U. The Commission therefore concludes that there are rules in place in the United States designed to limit any interference for law enforcement or other public interest purposes with the fundamental rights of the persons whose personal data are transferred from the Union to the United States under the EU-U.

Privacy Shield to what is strictly necessary to achieve the legitimate objective in question, and that ensure effective legal protection against such interference. In the light of the those findings, the Commission considers that the United States ensures an adequate level of protection for personal data transferred from the Union to self-certified organisations in the United States under the EU-U.

In particular, the Commission considers that the Principles issued by the U. In addition, the effective application of the Principles is guaranteed by the transparency obligations and the administration of the Privacy Shield by the Department of Commerce. Moreover, the Commission considers that, taken as a whole, the oversight and recourse mechanisms provided for by the Privacy Shield enable infringements of the Principles by Privacy Shield organisations to be identified and punished in practice and offer legal remedies to the data subject to gain access to personal data relating to him and, eventually, to obtain the rectification or erasure of such data.

Finally, on the basis of the available information about the U. In order to effectively monitor the functioning of the Privacy Shield, the Commission should be informed by Member States about relevant action undertaken by DPAs. Where such an authority has received a complaint putting in question the compliance of a Commission adequacy decision with the protection of the fundamental right to privacy and data protection and considers the objections advanced to be well founded, national law must provide it with a legal remedy to put those objections before a national court which, in case of doubts, must stay proceedings and make a reference for a preliminary ruling to the Court of Justice In the light of the fact that the level of protection afforded by the U.

Privacy Shield are still factually and legally justified. Such a check is required, in any event, when the Commission acquires any information giving rise to a justified doubt in that regard Therefore, the Commission will continuously monitor the overall framework for the transfer of personal data created by the EU-U. Privacy Shield as well as compliance by U. To facilitate this process, the U. Moreover, this decision will be subject to an Annual Joint Review which will cover all aspects of the functioning of the EU-U.

Privacy Shield, including the operation of the national security and law enforcement exceptions to the Principles. In addition, since the adequacy finding may also be influenced by legal developments in Union law, the Commission will assess the level of protection provided by the Privacy Shield following the entry into application of the GDPR.

In the framework of the Annual Joint Review, the Commission will request that the Department of Commerce provides comprehensive information on all relevant aspects of the functioning of the EU-U. Privacy Shield, including referrals received by the Department of Commerce from DPAs and the results of ex officio compliance reviews.

The Commission will also seek explanations concerning any questions or matters concerning the EU-U. Moreover, in order to facilitate the Commission’s task in this regard, the Member States should inform the Commission of cases where the actions of bodies responsible for ensuring compliance with the Principles in the United States fail to secure compliance and of any indications that the actions of U. On the basis of the annual joint review, the Commission will prepare a public report to be submitted to the European Parliament and the Council.

Where, on the basis of the checks or of any other information available, the Commission concludes that the level of protection offered by the Privacy Shield can no longer be regarded as essentially equivalent to the one in the Union, or where there are clear indications that effective compliance with the Principles in the United States might no longer be ensured, or that the actions of U.

If, after the expiration of the specified timeframe, the U. Privacy Shield continues to guarantee effective compliance and an adequate level of protection, the Commission will initiate the procedure leading to the partial or complete suspension or repeal of this decision Alternatively, the Commission may propose to amend this decision, for instance by limiting the scope of the adequacy finding only to data transfers subject to additional conditions.

In particular, the Commission will initiate the procedure for suspension or repeal in case of:. The Commission will also consider initiating the procedure leading to the amendment, suspension, or repeal of this decision if, in the context of the Annual Joint Review of the functioning of the EU-U.

Privacy Shield or otherwise, the Department of Commerce or other departments or agencies involved in the implementation of the Privacy Shield, or, for matters pertaining to national security, representatives of the U. Intelligence Community or the Ombudsperson, fail to provide information or clarifications necessary for the assessment of compliance with the Principles, the effectiveness of complaint handling procedures, or any lowering of the required level of protection as a consequence of actions by U.

In this respect, the Commission will take into account the extent to which the relevant information can be obtained from other sources, including through reports from self-certified U. Privacy Shield , which has been taken into account in the preparation of this Decision. The European Parliament adopted a resolution on transatlantic data flows Privacy Shield is constituted by the Principles issued by the U. For the purpose of paragraph 1, personal data are transferred under the EU-U.

The Commission will continuously monitor the functioning of the EU-U. Privacy Shield with a view to assessing whether the United States continues to ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data transferred thereunder from the Union to organisations in the United States. The Member States and the Commission shall inform each other of cases where it appears that the government bodies in the United States with the statutory power to enforce compliance with the Principles set out in Annex II fail to provide effective detection and supervision mechanisms enabling infringements of the Principles to be identified and punished in practice.

The Member States and the Commission shall inform each other of any indications that the interferences by U. Within one year from the date of the notification of this Decision to the Member States and on a yearly basis thereafter, the Commission will evaluate the finding in Article 1 1 on the basis of all available information, including the information received as part of the Annual Joint Review referred to in Annexes I, II and VI.

Privacy Shield,. The Commission will also present such draft measures if the lack of cooperation of the bodies involved in ensuring the functioning of the EU-U. Privacy Shield in the United States prevents the Commission from determining whether the finding in Article 1 1 is affected. Privacy Shield draft adequacy decision, published 30 May Department of Commerce OJ L , In line with the definition in Sec.

Moreover, the contract with the agent has to make clear whether onward transfers are allowed see Sec. See Annex II, Sec. As of 25 May , the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR will apply to the processing of personal data i in the context of the activities of an establishment of a controller or processor in the Union even where the processing takes place in the United States , or ii of data subjects who are in the Union by a controller or processor not established in the Union where the processing activities are related to a the offering of goods or services, irrespective of whether a payment of the data subject is required, to such data subjects in the Union; or b the monitoring of their behaviour as far as their behaviour takes place within the Union.

Privacy Shield will also cover these three countries and references in the Privacy Shield package to the EU and its Member States shall be read as including Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. For instance, employers should accommodate the privacy preferences of employees by restricting access to the personal data, anonymising certain data or assigning codes or pseudonyms. Most importantly, organisations are required to cooperate and comply with the advice of Union Data Protection Authorities when it comes to such data.

While a self-certified U. The prohibition on the U. This includes scenarios where the processing is carried out by a Privacy Shield organisation acting as an agent on behalf of the EU controller. While this principle allows for transfers based also on non-contractual instruments e. Moreover, given that the self-certified U. However, this requires a contract with the agent and the U. In the first scenario, the contract with the third party must provide that the latter ceases processing or takes other reasonable and appropriate steps to remedy the situation.

In the second scenario, it is for the Privacy Shield organisation — as the one controlling the processing under whose instructions the agent operates — to take these measures.

Annex II, Sec. Failure to comply is enforceable under Section 5 of the FTC Act prohibiting unfair and deceptive acts in or affecting commerce. However, it has the power to compel organisations to produce documents and provide witness statements see Section 20 of the FTC Act , and may use the court system to enforce such orders in case of non-compliance. Among others, the ODNI shall determine requirements for, and manage and direct the tasking, collection, analysis, production and dissemination of national intelligence by the Intelligence Community, including by developing guidelines for how information or intelligence is accessed, used and shared.

See Sec. See also the introduction to PPD To the extent that the Executive Order is publicly accessible, it defines the goals, directions, duties and responsibilities of U. According to Sec. According to public information, the review confirmed the existing six purposes. See also Sec. For access requests under Sec.

As regards the limitations for substituting all bulk collection with targeted collections, see the results of an assessment by the National Research Council as reported by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Surveillance by intelligence services: fundamental rights, safeguards and remedies in the EU , p. This specifically addresses the concern expressed by the national data protection authorities in their opinion on the draft adequacy decision.

Privacy Shield draft adequacy decision adopted 13 April , p. See also Intelligence Community Directive Likewise, the limitations stipulated in E. As indicated therein, the FBI may resort to NSLs only to request non-content information relevant to an authorized national security investigation to protect against international terrorism or clandestine intelligence activities. As regards data transfers under the EU-U.

Still, there is only a theoretical link to personal data transferred under the EU-U. In any event, the use of this authority requires application to the FISC which will assess, among others, whether on the basis of the submitted facts there is probable cause that this is indeed the case.

According to its privacy office, the NSA must verify that there is a connection between the target and the selector, must document the foreign intelligence information expected to be acquired, this information must be reviewed and approved by two senior NSA analysts, and the overall process will be tracked for subsequent compliance reviews by the ODNI and Department of Justice.

See also p. For instance, for personal information collected under Sec. The NSA complies with these storage limits through an automated process that deletes collected data at the end of the respective retention period. See NSA Sec. Likewise, retention under Sec. PATRIOT ACT is limited to five years, unless the personal data form part of properly approved dissemination of foreign intelligence information or the DOJ advises the NSA in writing that the records are subject to a preservation obligation in pending or anticipated litigation.

See Schrems , paragraph See also Digital Rights Ireland and Others , paragraphs and 51, in which the Court of Justice considered that the fight against serious crime, in particular organised crime and terrorism, may depend to a large extent on the use of modern investigation techniques. Moreover, unlike for criminal investigations that typically concern the retrospective determination of responsibility and guilt for past conduct, intelligence activities often focus on preventing threats to national security before harm has occurred.

Schrems , paragraph See e. This does not necessarily mean that they are completely free from instructions. In some cases, the head of the department may prohibit the Inspector General from initiating, carrying out, or completing an audit or investigation where this is considered necessary to preserve important national security interests. However, Congress must be informed of the exercise of this authority and on this basis could hold the respective director responsible.

See, e. See also Inspector General Act of , as amended, Pub. This provision contains the general requirements as regards Congressional oversight in the area of national security. No , Sec. Magistrate Judge publicly designated by the Chief Justice of the United States may have the power to hear applications and grant orders.

The judges, who have life tenure and can only be removed for good cause, serve on the FISC for staggered seven-year terms. FISA requires that the judges be drawn from at least seven different U.

The judges are supported by experienced judicial law clerks that constitute the court’s legal staff and prepare legal analysis on collection requests. Walton, Presiding Judge, U. Leahy, Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary, U. On the basis of this preliminary determination, the government will make its final application. The latter may include substantial changes to the original application on the basis of the judge’s preliminary comments. Although a large percentage of final applications are approved by the FISC, a substantial part of these contain substantive changes to the original application, e.

This new legislation implemented recommendations by the PCLOB to establish a pool of privacy and civil liberties experts that can serve as amicus curiae , in order to provide the court with legal arguments to the advancement of privacy and civil liberties.

According to information by the ODNI, such appointments have already taken place. According to the PCLOB, these categories have so far mainly concerned international terrorism and topics such as the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction. It also requires the government to notify the Court in writing of the facts and circumstances relevant to such non-compliance.

Typically, the government will file a final Rule 13 a notice once the relevant facts are known and any unauthorized collection has been destroyed. See Walton Letter, p. The collection of personal data for intelligence purposes under Sec FISA is subject to both internal and external oversight within the executive branch. Among others, the internal oversight includes internal compliance programs to evaluate and oversee compliance with targeting and minimization procedures; reporting of non-compliance incidents, both internally and externally to the ODNI, Department of Justice, Congress and the FISC; and annual reviews sent to the same bodies.

Significant compliance incidents must be reported to the FISC immediately, others in a quarterly report. Similar laws exist at State level. According to the explanations provided, the available causes of action either require the existence of damage 18 U.

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