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Acronis true image 2017 bitlocker free

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Have you successfully been through an image-restore-boot cycle? I might buy a new SSD to try this, but am afraid booting into the restored OS. › acronis-true-image


Acronis true image 2017 bitlocker free


Fre suddenly stopped backing up to an unlocked Bitlocker encrypted drive following a bitloccker update to Windows 10, version «. The drive is an «External Drive» in Acronis terms. It is a MicroSD card. The Bitlocker drive is unlocked, and the backups worked for months. Dree, following the update to Win10 versionit stopped working, giving a message that says «The last backup has failed.

Acronis true image 2017 bitlocker free open a backup on an encrypted volume. Unlock the volume or turn off Bitlocker, кабы microsoft office 2016 product key free нами then try again. An attempt to create avp extinction free new backup with the destination on an unlocked Bitlocker drive fails with the same message. Have you checked that the drive letter for your drive has remained the same as it was before doing the acronis true image 2017 bitlocker free In reply to Jim, I am not aware of any… by Steve Smith.

No, I have not got Bitlocker set to auto-unlock. For my situations, that would kind of defeat the purpose for which I have it encrypted. I manually unlock it when needed and then re-lock it afterwards. This has not been a problem for the past 2 years, but suddenly TIH doesn’t like the Bitlocker drive as a destination any more. I have not tried turning 2107 off and back on. I could try that tdue, given the hassle of re-saving the new key securely for future use if necessary, I was hoping to avoid that.

It also takes a good portion of a day to decrypt the drive acronis true image 2017 bitlocker free then another good portion of a day to re-encrypt it. Quite the hassle for what chat-support has recently acronis true image 2017 bitlocker free me is a «known bug in TIH and TIH» with an unknown fix date. I suspect most Acronis customers don’t use Bitlocker so the bug doesn’t по этому адресу to be a very high-priority issue.

I have bitlocer a work-around that I’ll use for now. I created aceonis VeraCrypt-encrypted folder on the Bitlocker-encrypted drive which I use as a repository for Acronis backups. Acronis doesn’t complain about storing to the VeraCrypt mounted drive. Then I do Acronis backups to bitlocked G:. A bit cumbersome, but workable. I’ve found a similar bug logged in our internal system. According to the comments from the dev team some fixes have been already implemented, but the tested and approved code will be likely included in the next version of Acronis True Imaage, no ETA though.

I’d welcome you to install a free trial once we’ve released the new version. Authored on. Order Asc Desc. Date within – Any – 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year. TIH no longer backs up to unlocked Bitlocker destination.

Thread needs solution. Jim Kelly. Posts: 1. Comments: 2. Steve Smith. Posts: Comments: It may be worth trying to turn off auto-unlock then turn it on again followed by a restart.

Products: Acronis True Image 9. Thanks Steve. Forum Moderator. Aacronis JimI’ve found a similar bug logged in our internal system.


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Acronis True Image and Acronis Backup If any disk is unpartitioned, the program will automatically recognize it as the destination and bypass this step.