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Although Adobe Illustrator remains the industry favorite for vector-based design, Affinity Designer has proven itself to be a capable alternative. Made by British developer Serif, it doesn’t have the depth or the power of Illustrator, but it’s a comprehensive package all the same. And, of course, it costs a fraction of the price—a lifetime license costs less than some of Adobe’s monthly subscriptions. If you do decide to make the leap to Affinity Designer, you’ll find at least some keyboard shortcuts are the same or similar to those in Illustrator.

But there are differences too, including some Illustrator features that Designer doesn’t have an equivalent for. With this handy guide to Affinity Designer’s keyboard shortcuts, you can find your way around your new design software in no time. You will have to complete a short form to access it for the first time only.

Serif doesn’t only make vector design software. It also offers Affinity Photo, a decent and keenly priced alternative to Adobe Photoshop. If you want a full suite of design apps, this is probably one of the most affordable ways to get it.

Combining Designer, Photo, and Publisher, you should be able to do pretty much anything you want. And using the shortcuts in our cheat sheet, it shouldn’t be too difficult either. Photoshop has long been considered the go-to image editing software.

But how does Affinity Photo stack up? Ever since he was a kid, Anthony has loved technology, from games consoles and computers to televisions and mobile devices. That passion eventually led to a career in tech journalism, as well as several drawers of old cables and adaptors that he keeps ‘just in case’. Share Share Tweet Email.

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Affinity Designer Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Windows and Mac.Get Affinity Photo and Designer keyboard shortcut infographics | Creatives Online


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True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self. Affinity Photo 1. Are these not available as higher res PDFs to print? Looks like a jpeg re-saved as a PDF, which I find doesn’t print the nicely. While I have the shortcuts cards in the two books, I would like to keep another copy at work. And the. Edit: Whilst the German Files are ok the English photo design files have. DMS file extension not. This post may shed some light on the DMS extension.

Thanks, yes I see it is a safari bug although I also similar in iCab browser in safari mode on the iPad.

However as mentioned in the article, using Chrome on the iPad provides the correct file names. Many thanks! How do you change the mode, Paul? When I tap on the link in iCabMobile presumably in native mode I get a Network Error page displaying the following message:. Hi Alfred, just a loose use of words, iCab can mimic other browsers eg Firefox and I was hopeful it might be able to download by simply select the design file link, but like you, I also got the network error page.

However I did find a work around with iCab, and that is to simply press and hold the link until the pop up menu appears, then select download. Thanks for these Patrick Connor. I would dig that. Well thanks for this. Im looking for this, need more practice using shortcut to get more efficient work! Thank you! I’m a new user so this cheatsheet comes in handy. Thank you Patrick Connor! Hi Patrick Connor ,. Does anybody know if a French version of the shortcut cheat sheets is available, by any chance?

I wonder whether Paul Mudditt is able to help. Unless one of us work on it, part of those shortcuts won’t work on our keyboard. For example: keys [ and ] aren’t available without modifier keys. You can modify the files provided, but it would be best if we could export the shortcuts settings to give with a cheat sheet, since I’m not sure we modify them in the same way or people will need to modify them the same way as in the cheat sheet.

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Hundreds of timesaving tools and functions. Match attributes for easy editing, set up grids, guides and planes effortlessly, link symbols and constraints, customize keyboard shortcuts, save your favorite workspace setups and more! Achieve pixel perfect designs every time. Use pixel preview mode to view vectors in both standard and retina resolution for a completely live view of how every element of your design will export.

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